Mad2Run Bowls Day Summary

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So where do we begin…? Music, prizes, sun, G&T’s, goodie bags, sponsors, amazing humans, and a day that just continued to get better and better. What a success it turned out to be.

On Saturday, 11th of March, Team Cape Town pulled out all the stops and hosted their very first Bowls Day in aid of the MAD Leadership Foundation. In a nutshell, 120 players and spectators graced the Camps Bay Bowling Club for a day of beats and bowls. Broken up in to a 28-team event, 4 per side, all themed to the classic bowls day dress of “All White with A Touch of MADness”. This together with a number of twists, turns and surprises set the day up for one cracker of an event.

From the start, let’s just say we were blown away by the creativity and passion that each team showed in their attire for the day’s proceedings. Props were bought, t-shirts were made and there was more make-up applied than at MCQP. From team names, such as Holy Guacabowly, The Rock n Bowlers, Bowls Deep, Ebowla, to the highly dodgy Bowls 2 Men, one can only imagine the type of carnage that was going to take place when the sun finally went down (somethings in life you just cannot unsee).

None the less, Cape Town played out of its boots and lent way to a delicious summers day in the heart of Camps Bay. The scene was set and the people had arrived, thirsty and frothing for one hummer of a bowls tournament. We were fortune enough to have some amazing sponsors on the day that looked after all the players. Durbanville Hills were our headline sponsor and set up an amazing bar, which provided gods sweet nectar for everyone for the day. Bottles were popping and the white kept flowing, making sure everyone was bowling those balls with great finesse and doing so all with twinkle toes upon delivery. Durbanville Hills was kind enough to sponsor all teams with a bottle of their amazing Sparkling Wine as part of each teams goodie bag they received as a thank you for supporting on the day. Amongst the goodie bags were also cartons of Vita Coco, Ucook vouchers, GQ & Glamour magazines as well as some amazing hand written thank you notes from the MAD scholars themselves – a touch that would sure put a lump in your throat.

After the initial welcome and thank you, the day officially kicked off with the first bowls being bowled. A competitive tension was in the air and the sounds of groovy beats were cranking in the background. Nicholas Deist, the local bowls godfather, and principal for the day, ran the competition like clockwork, literally. Before we knew it we were finished with the round robin stage and the knock out rounds were soon upon us. Given the heat of the sun, and its draining qualities we were once again lucky enough to lean on a further sponsor of Red Bull for a half time break and to fill up on some jet fuel to get everyone back in the groove. This together with the Vasco De Gama Food Truck, and some thirst quenching Vita Coco was just the kick that was needed. Winners and losers were then placed in to Cup, Bowl, Plate and Toilet sections and the real masters began weaving their work on the greens to make sure they came out on top.

Amongst the play Vita Coco had set up a bar area which was used to sell raffle tickets. Some of the prizes included a weekend away at a 12-man house in St Francis, a R1000 dinner voucher at Radisson Blu Le Vendome, a Bamboo Revolution watch as well as a R2000 voucher for a pair of Police sunglasses. Prizes that were really just too good to be true and it showed with the success of the raffles tickets that were purchased on the day.

Soon the finals were upon us, two teams battling it out with the crowd keenly watching and cheering from the club house’s balcony. The eventual winners, The Bowling Stones coming out victorious in a fiercely competitive final round.

To close off the day’s formalities a number of prizes were up for grabs. We had the Best-Dressed Award, where in order to qualify you had to post a picture of your team on social media with the #Mad2run (go have a look at some of the outfits) which went to the classy team of Greek Lightning. Next, we had the Most Gees Team Award, which was hands down the most hotly contested prize of the night (we really were treated to some amazing ‘performances’ throughout the day), which The Drop Dead Bowlers walked away with. Finally, we had the Winner’s Prize, which went to The Bowling Stones. Big thanks has to go to those that kindly provided prizes for the day; Granadilla Swimwear, Pintuck, Soda Pop, Durbanville Hills Wine, Woodstock Gin Company and finally Sexy Groovy Love.

Post the formalities the celebrations literally took a new shape, and a massive party broke out deep in to the night.

What a day, what a night!

Last big thank you to all the participants and all the MAD2Runners who pulled together and made the day such a smooth and amazing success. A bucket of cash was raised, further awareness was spread and most importantly the MAD2Run family grew. What more could you ask for?

Until next time.

Yours in Bowling MADness

MAD2Run Team Cape Town.