The behind the scenes crew – without them the journey wouldn’t continue

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When you are on a journey, do you ever stop and think how you got here…Or who helped you get here… Or who marked the route that you are on?

Many of the events we participate in have a large behind the scenes crew; we might see snippets of them on social media a couple of days before the event completing route markings, packing goodie bags or doing those very last minute fixes. The majority though we don’t see and as a result, they don’t necessarily get the public appreciation they deserve.

The bottom line is that organising any event is a mammoth task and it takes a special kind of person/group of people to keep doing it year after year.

MAD2Run is something special, and we often hear about why people entered, what they achieved along the way and see the result of the funds that are raised for the scholars that belong to MAD Leadership Foundation.

A little bit of a focus shift as we unpack what MAD2Run means for a few of the behind the scenes team. Who make this journey for people such as myself and the rest of MAD2Run 18 possible!

This blog piece has grown in size, so this is the 1st of a series of 3 as we unpack what MAD2Run means to Dayle, Shaun and Dan!

Stay tuned for more regular updates on what’s potting in the world of MAD2Run as we build up for the 2018 journey.

The hardest thing for many people is to ‘take that first step’, I wonder if they saw MAD2Run developing into what it is today when it all started?

When the whole MAD2Run journey started for the first time did you ever think that would have grown to what it is today?


The short answer – Absolutely not!

When we started down this road (excuse the pun) the planning and preparation to get the first team of runners on the road, took two years. It was a huge task considering that we all had ‘day jobs’, and to us, MAD2Run was this incredible adventure we were going on as a group of friends. We weren’t entirely sure we would raise much money, and we weren’t entirely sure we’d make it from JHB to CT in one piece! I was also pregnant by the time the 2014 Team hit the road, and so again no; I didn’t think we would be continuing the journey after the first year.

Fortunately I was wrong; fortunately, the world is teeming with people who are keen on a bit of adventure to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! MAD2Run was far more than just a hobby, it is a movement, and I just didn’t quite know it at the time it began. We set a goal of raising R1m for MAD Leadership Foundation, and to date have raised just over R2,25m. I’m so proud of what MAD2Run has become and know that it is because of everyone who has ever participated and collaborated on the journey, that we are where we are today.

Because of the exceptional growth of MAD2Run, the team doubling in size, and the inception of MAD2Cylce, it could no longer be a side-gig of mine – and so earlier this year I resigned as a lecturer from the University of Johannesburg, and became the first employee of MAD2Adventures for Cause (employee of the month last month too…). I count myself incredibly blessed and grateful that my passion has now become my career!


I don’t think that was a goal at the time, to be honest… So many epic journeys seem to be once off. The inspiration for our run was Braam Malherbe who had just run the Great Wall of China for Miles4Smiles. I think when our second run started in 2015 we started to think that we were on the verge of something!



That’s a tough question. I think when we started we were just focused on seeing if we could do this, there were so many moving parts and so much of the unknown, would the weather play its part, had we trained enough, would our route work logistically. But early on I realised that we were creating something great and would love to see it grow into something more, particularly the spirit in which we did it. After all, we had built a blueprint that could be replicated year after year. By the time we finished the run and had time to reflect, I think we knew this could be an annual event and potentially grow into something special.

Keep a look out for the next piece of the series as we ask the back ground crew “Which is your favourite part of the journey from Jozi to Cape Town (A town, experience, road, whatever really)?”

Till next time!

Written by – Joshua Nuttall