MAD2Run—the route unpacked

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Number 2 in the series of 3 as we continue unpacking the behind the scenes crew. This piece focuses in on the route!

Let’s be honest, Joburg to Cape Town…that’s one hell of a long way. With plenty of time on your hands and vistas of a wide variety, there is no doubt some awesome memories that are made.

I was interested to see if Dayle, Shaun and Daniel had a favourite spot along the way seeing they have done it more than once. Here’s what they had to say.

Which is your favourite part of the journey from Jozi to Cape Town (A town, experience, road, whatever really)?


This is very easy to answer – the arrival in CT. It is such a flurry of emotion – joy, gratitude, excitement and exhaustion! I love watching the team react to each other when they get to that finish line – the tears, the hugs, the high-fives – it is just love and gees! It is the culmination of months upon months of hard work to get to that point, and it truly is a magical moment.

More importantly though, is the moment where we handover the cheque to a MAD Leadership Foundation scholar. It’s the tangible cherry on top of this amazing adventure, to show what all the work was for and to know exactly where it is going. It makes me very proud to be a part of this whole MAD family!


The whole run is so unique regarding the 24hr per day thing… Waking up at midnight to start your shift that takes you from 2 AM and through to 10 AM. That being said, when you pass Colsburg (no offence to the Free State) the Karoo is something special. The fact that every year I go down, I wangle myself into a shift that takes me through a Karoo Sunrise says something. The Karoo goes from a moonlit grey and dead quiet place into a colourful chirpy magnificence.


The whole week is memorable; there are so many little experiences that make up this epic journey. The week of the run is tough, but it is a celebration of all the hard work that has gone into getting to that point. Having said that nothing beats arriving in Cape Town. I think it sets in at that point how challenging this experience is, but how rewarding it is. In the past, we have been lucky enough to have the police escort the team into the city, and I think it’s a great treat for the everyone. That’s a lot of fun and leads us to the waiting scholars to share the moment with them. It’s truly a great collective moment.

More to come… The MAD2Run crew are on the road again, 2018 journey in coming!

Written by – Joshua Nuttall