Academic excellence is successfully achieved through a full support programme of tuition funding, and up-to-standard schooling.


Our leadership programme aims to instill the qualities of a leader and develop our scholars to be future leaders.


MAD Leadership Foundation focuses on leadership development through education: the approach is to identify academically talented scholars, who do not have the necessary financial resources, and offer them support in the areas of education, leadership and life-skills development.

As of 2017, we currently have 170 scholars on the integrated Scholar Wellness, Development and Support Programme, which is our primary focus. MAD Leadership Foundation also supports a Broad-based Education Programme, with a further 1,287 children benefitting through the Eco Children programme.


We holistically invest in our scholars’ academic, wellness, life-skills, mentorship and leadership journeys, ensuring that through the 9+ years they are with us, they are given every opportunity to reach their full potential as South Africa’s future leaders.


Our Broad-based Education Programme is a means by which we can address the general education and environmental crisis in South Africa, by supporting projects that create positive change in under-privileged, rural communities.


MAD Leadership Foundation aims to develop carefully selected scholars. When identifying suitable candidates to be chosen, the following requirements are taken into account.


MAD Leadership Foundation celebrates exceptional Fellows who are actively pursuing a range of careers, including graduates who are lawyers, accountants, marketers, financial planners and teachers.


  • 14 years of Making A Difference.
  • Spanning an education period of up to 12 years (including tertiary studies).
  • As of 2017, we are a truly a national organisation operating in all nine provinces in South Africa. We are proud of our latest expansion into the rural area of the Karoo in the Northern Cape.
  • 60% high school scholars and 40% tertiary scholars represent nine provinces in South Africa with the Western Cape province most represented at 48% followed by Gauteng province at 32%.
  • The Scholar Wellness, Development and Support Programme currently supports 170 scholars (102 learners and 68 students) ranging from Grade 8 to final year of tertiary studies.
  • 40 exceptional MAD Leadership Foundation alumni, with a total of 52 tertiary qualifications, who are actively pursuing a range of careers – compared to 51% of students in South Africa who enrol for a 3-year or 4-year degree, but never graduate.**
  • Despite the unfortunate statistic in South Africa that only 23% of learners passed Grade 12 in 2014*, MAD Leadership Foundation is committed to upholding its own track record of 100% per year.
  • Since 2006, 87 scholars have matriculated, with a total of 198 distinctions – compared to the statistic that if 10 children enrol in Grade 1 in any given year, South Africa can expect 5 to reach matric, 3 to pass and 1 to pass maths with 50%.**
  • 13 MAD Leadership Foundation Matrics achieved a total of 26 collective distinctions in 2016.
*(Reference: An Overview of SA Schooling and a closer look at KZN)
**(Reference: IRR: South African Institute of Race Relations: 2015)



Mentorship involves building a positive relationship with the MAD Leadership Foundation scholars, encouraging them through their schooling and assisting with life-skills development and learning.

As the learners progress to the tertiary education level, mentors expose them to the business world, building them up and creating new opportunities by guiding them in the right direction. All mentors undergo a thorough screening and application process. Mentors will receive training and are expected to meet at least once a month with their mentee.

To find out how you can pledge your time and join our invaluable Mentor Programme, click here.


Academic excellence is successfully achieved through a full support programme of tuition funding, up-to-standard schooling, career advice and development, counselling, study skills and IT skills for the full 9+ years each scholar is on the programme. Basic needs are fully covered, such as boarding costs, travel expenses, extra-curricular activities, uniform, books, stationary and an allowance. Furthermore, a sponsored laptop and 3G card ensure constant communication with MAD Leadership Foundation staff and guarantee that our scholars are up-to-date with the use and advancement of technology.


The responsibility to be an active citizen is a value we look for in all our applicants and a principle that we encourage, as we believe that an integral part of leadership is awareness of and taking responsibility for societal needs. Our aim is for every MAD Leadership Foundation scholar to understand the value of giving back, so that one day, when they enter the workforce, they will be motivated, not by what they can achieve for themselves, but by how they can contribute to building a better society.


At the core of everything we do is developing our scholars to be future leaders. The MAD Leadership Foundation scholars set out on their leadership journey from day one. With the help of recognised specialists in this field, MAD Leadership Foundation has developed a Leadership Programme that aims to instil the qualities of a leader.

Furthermore, MAD Leadership Foundation hosts a Leadership Summit annually, with the purpose of exposing our scholars to as many different types of leadership styles, values and attributes as possible, so as to develop their unique leadership abilities.

The four days are centred on our core values of leadership: ambition with hard work, passion with discipline, courage with honesty and confidence with humility. We also use these summits as an opportunity for development of our scholars in matters such as public speaking, career development, team work and community service.


Our Wellness Programme focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of our scholars through the collective effort of our multi-disciplinary Scholar Support Unit, which is managed by a Clinical Psychologist. Our Social Worker Does psychosocial assessments and interventions where required. Each scholar’s subject choice and career guidance assessments are done by our Educational Psychologist. Scholars also receive medical treatment and Psychological counselling if and when required. Our multi-disciplinary scholar support unit includes: Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Educational Psychologist, Registered Counsellor, Industrial Psychologist & a qualified Educator.  We also offer: administrative support, medical and psychological support, personal development opportunities and a strong focus on the individual’s needs.


We operate nationally through recommendations from schools with which we have a long-standing relationship, other feeder schools, referrals, as well as through direct applications. We ensure that, through a stringent and holistic application process, we carefully select scholars with academic and leadership potential, who will be able to thrive on our Scholar Wellness Development and Support Programme

When identifying suitable candidates, the following requirements are taken into account:

  •  Learners in Grade 7 to Grade 12
  • Academic performance >65% aggregate
  • In need of financial support to access quality educational opportunities gross combined income per household per month should not exceed R20 000)
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Speaks and understands basic English
  • Embraces a strong value system and sense of responsibility
  • Participates in extra-curricular activities (school related activities)
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities
  • Actively involved in community service


1 – Written Applications

A formal application is submitted, including: personal and financial information, academic records, information about participation in cultural and/or sporting activities, leadership experience and other achievements, and voluntary involvement in the community. Paper selection is then completed by the Scholar Support Unit.

2 – Psychometric & Leadership Assessment

Selected candidates are invited to participate in Psychometric and Leadership Assessments. Each candidate completes a battery of psychometric tests. These tests determine, among other things, the applicant’s aptitude, personality type, interests, drive, coping skills and leadership potential.

3 – Final Panel Interview

Based on the recommendations of psychologists, following the testing phase, a final round of interviews is held to select the successful candidates that will be awarded scholarships.

4 – Orientation Function

Once accepted onto the programme, we have an orientation function for all our new scholars and their parents / guardians, for them to meet with the Scholar Support Unit and their relevant coordinator; where they are, among other things, provided with all the necessary administrative guidelines and information on the scholarship programme and what they can expect from it.


MAD Leadership Foundation will focus on specific criteria for our applications for funding in 2017; this criteria will be stipulated with each available scholarship opportunity throughout the year. Applicants should carefully study the criteria before applying to ensure they qualify for the specific opportunity.

Scholarship opportunities and applicable application forms will be posted on our scholarship application portal and social media platforms throughout the year as and when they become available.

For any queries relating to our scholarships, please contact:


Our Broad-based Education Programme is a means by which we can address the general education and environmental crisis in South Africa, by supporting projects that create positive change in under-privileged, rural communities. Over the years, we have been able to increase literacy levels and raise the level of environmental awareness through our partnership with Eco Children, a non-profit organisation initiated by the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

Eco Children focuses on whole school development, hands-on environmental education and identifying and providing opportunities for talented learners. Eco Children operates in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, areas with some of the country’s most severe social and environmental issues. By stimulating an interest in nature and improving learning environments, our partnership strives to have a positive impact on education outcomes and environmental awareness amongst the youth in these areas, thereby creating a sustainable protection programme.


Learning is very difficult in primary schools, where education takes place in over-crowded and challenging conditions. To counter this, we’ve teamed up with Eco Children to improve these learning facilities and to encourage schools to embark on sustainable greening projects. Through our efforts, we’ve renovated classrooms and assisted in equipping them with desks, chairs, books, stationery and other needed learning materials. Over a thousand learners at the schools we’ve helped are now taught about environmental issues, entrepreneurial skills and future career opportunities, through a specially designed curriculum, which has a practical component that is facilitated by Eco Children.

MAD Leadership Foundation has pledged its support by adopting the development of Eco Villages and improvement of the Eco Classrooms at Seganyane, Matikinya, Mahlathi, Hloaia and Makwetše Primary Schools.


Eco Children is a registered non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation incorporated under Section 21 Reg. No. 2007/012052/08. Public Benefit Organisation No. 930024822


P O Box 1227
South Africa 1380
Tel: +27 (0) 82 713 8778


MAD Leadership Foundation currently has 34 exceptional graduates who are actively pursuing a range of careers, including graduates who are lawyers, accountants, marketers, financial planners and teachers. We look forward to seeing how these future leaders develop in their careers and being mentors to younger scholars on the scholarship programme.

Please watch this space as this programme grows.



Graduated: 2007
Qualification: Biokinetics (Hons)
Institution: University of Johannesburg
Currently: Biokineticist business owner Leadership Aims to assist others in starting their own Biokineticist business venture


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: BSc in Human Life Sciences
Institution: University of Stellenbosch
Currently: Temporarily waitressing at Bistro1682 team
Leadership: Aims to mentor at Kronendal Primary School Netball Team
Currently part of the senior service team at Bistro1682


Graduated: 2011
Qualification: BA Humanities & BPhil in Document Design and Analysis (Internal & External Effective Written Communication)
Institution: University of Stellenbosch
Currently: Fulltime freelancer (editor, writer, proof-reader, content & online community specialist) at a transformational leadership organisation
Goals: Establish her own consultancy business
Leadership: Aims to develop an educational curriculum and life skills training program, long with a dialogue program in her hometown for disadvantaged adolescents


Graduated: 2010
Qualification: 2008 – 2010: B.Comm Investment Management, University of Stellenbosch
2011 – 2012 : Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, University of Stellenbosch
2012: CFP® Candidate
2013 – 2014: FAPM Honours. University of Cape Town
2014: CFA Level 1
Currently: Security Valuations Specialist for an established Fund Administration Company
Goals: CFA level 2 exam in June 2016 Senior Security Valuations Specialist – Team Leader Analyst at an Asset Management Firm
CFA Chartership in 2017


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: Bachelor of Law
Institution: Stellenbosch University
Currently: First year Candidate Attorney at Catto Neethling Wiid Inc
Goals: Aiming to complete remaining 3 board exams by February 2016 & to complete his Articles of Clerkship before being admitted as an attorney


Graduated: 2013 (BComm) & 2014 (BCommHons)
Qualification: BComm (Actuarial Science)
BCommHons (Actuarial Science)
Institution: Stellenbosch University
Currently: Actuarial Analyst
Goals: Qualify as a fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa
Leadership: Attended the ICMIF Advanced Management Course in 2013. David aims to add value to CSI or community development initiatives by helping quantify the value that they add to society


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: Mechanical Engineering
Institution: Harvard University
Currently: McKinsey & Company


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: BCom (Financial Accounting)
Institution: Stellenbosch University
Currently: Trainee Accountant. Registered with SAICA doing Articles at FODB in Ceres
Goals: Bachelor of Accounting Science in Financial Accounting at UNISA in 2016


Graduated: 2015
Qualification: BA in Economics, minoring in Women and Gender Studies
Institution: Bucknell University, USA
Currently: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in their New York Tax Group
Leadership: Create an organization that provides South African students with the opportunity to learn about the ever growing and changing global landscape, and to help position South Africa as an effective global participant


Graduated: 2015
Qualification: Media Practices majoring in TV Production
Institution: Boston Media House
Currently: Freelance Actress currently on the show Muvhango
Goals: To study either International Communication or Corporate Communication
Leadership: Visit students in less fortunate schools to assist those scholars who would like to pursue a career in the dramatic arts


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: Coaching Science Diploma & Sport Management Diploma
Institution: ETA College
Currently: Fitness Instructor & Trainer / part time Football coach
Goals: Working in the UK as a football coach, for Coaching for Hope using football sessions as a tool to educate the youth on HIV/Aids and substance abuse, as well as to create future leaders
Leadership: To become a sports mentor, a motivational speaker to the youth and to be known as an influential and charismatic coach


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: Degree in International Communications
Institution: University of the Witwatersrand
Currently: Admin in the Private Office of the President
Goals: Training as a Media Liaison Officer
Develop in the fields of Strategic Management, Policy Development & International Relations. Nolly holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Management (2016)
Leadership: Received competency certificates for: Emerging Managers Development Programme, Events Management, Records Management, Diversity Management & Project Management


Graduated: 2011
Qualification: 2009: BA (LLB) Degree
2011: LLB Degree
Institution: Stellenbosch University
Currently: Social Justice Attorney at Equal Education Law Centre (EELC)
Goals: Continue working at the EELC or similar organisations to build up her expertise
Leadership: Aims to become an activist for the advancement of the rights of learners with disabilities and/or learning barriers to ensure their right to a basic education is realised


Graduated: 2012
Qualification: B.A (Mathematics) Degree
Institution: Wesleyan University (USA)
Currently: USA High School Mathematics Teacher
Goals: 2016 Masters in Mathematics Education at UCT or Wits
Once completed, aims to return to the USA to study toward an Education Doctorate specializing in curriculum & instruction
Leadership: Nominated as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction in recognition of his impact as an educator, leader & role model
– Guest speaker at a recruitment & immigrations information session
– Guest speaker at a Washington DC Symposium on teaching


Graduated: 2014
Qualification: 2013: Bachelor of Social Science (Social Anthropology, Sociology, Public Policy & Administration)
2014: Honours in Social Anthropology
Institution: University of Cape Town
Currently: Masters of Practical Anthropology (UCT)
Goals: Obtain PhD in Anthropology at a South African and/or an international university Become a social science researcher & academic
Leadership: Become a leading scholar of feminist anthropology in SA, representing the social realities of women through qualitative research
– Become a tenured Professor of Anthropology, in order to address the underrepresentation of black academics in South African universities, as well as to encourage other students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their goals and dreams


You are about to join the movement to be the difference! Thanks to your support we will be able to continue our mission to create a brighter future for South Africa as we develop future leaders who will be catalysts for positive change.

If you have any queries regarding your donation please contact:


MAD Leadership Foundation has developed a comprehensive, meticulously-crafted integrated Scholar Wellness, Development and Support Programme, which offers mentorship, leadership development, life-skills development, career counselling, extra-curricular activities, internship opportunities and access to technology, in order to harness the potential of our scholars.


Every scholar’s academic results are monitored and their educational and personal needs are carefully reviewed and accommodated, to ensure that they have access to the best possible support. We encourage, support, challenge and recognize these scholars to become part of a community of difference-makers. From the moment they join MAD Leadership Foundation, to the moment they reach their goals, we are with them every single step of the way.


The Scholar Wellness, Development and Support Programme allows the flexibility to tailor the programme to each scholar’s individual needs. In addition, we constantly monitor and adapt our programme, to ensure we keep evolving in order to develop our scholars through the best opportunities available.


Our scholars have access to our multi-disciplinary team (social worker, educational psychologist, registered counsellor, qualified teacher, organisational psychologist and volunteer mentors). We also offer a 24-hour support line, managed by our Social Worker and Psychologist who will then ensure scholars get the help they need from a medical / educational professional in their area, according to the support they need at that moment.


We believe that, at the heart of everything we do, our supporters, partners, staff, members and scholars should always have fun. We aim to Make A Difference, in style!