Empowering the Future Leaders of South Africa: Unleashing Potential through a Comprehensive Scholarship Programme.

Empowering the Future Leaders of South Africa: A Conversation with Francois Pienaar, Chairman of MAD Leadership Foundation

Domains of Change

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

What Our Scholars Say

MAD Scholars

“The MAD scholarship was a response to my prayers and wishes. My family had been taking the financial strain for as long as I can remember. I resented and disliked the conflicts I used to have with my mother regarding my fees, though it haunted me how much of a burden it was to them. I want to be educated and I want to prosper. When MAD came into my life, I was euphoric after all the anxiety around the security of my education. The scholarship has restored my hope and given me more than I could have thought. MAD has added to my constant motivators to do better, study hard and make a change. The extent the team goes to help one as a learner is amazing. This scholarship is important to me, it brought positive change into my life and further increased my hope. It has become a priority.” – Mahlatse