Our scholarship programme is carefully designed and implemented with global and local goals in mind. It aligns with both the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan. By aligning our programme with these goals, we answer the call to action to contribute towards eliminating poverty, reducing inequality and working towards achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

Elements of our Programme

Through a multi-disciplinary team, skilled in various professions, we ensure that we remove any barrier in the most effective and efficient manner. Therefore, our scholars will continue focusing on achieving their dreams, while we take care of the rest.

The two prominent, interrelated challenges our scholars face are a lack of financial resources to access a quality education institution; and the academic and personal support required to attain a National Senior Certificate and thereafter a tertiary degree.

Case Management Interventions

MAD Leadership Foundation focuses on the whole individual and acknowledges that each individual is different. Therefore, a different personalised approach is implemented for each scholar. Additional to the provision of financial resources, our comprehensive support programme provides support and development mechanisms for all our scholars. These interventions include but are not limited to:

Full tuition fee payment

Full residence fees or private accommodation payment

Textbook and stationary provision

Psycho-social Support

Access to a Multi-Disciplinary Support Unit

Consistent Monitoring of academic performance and individual well-being

Subject Choice and Career Guidance

Access to a Clinical and Educational Psychologist and other professionals as needed.


Medical Aid

Electronic Devices – Including Insurance and Maintenance.

Personal- and Leadership Development

Our Support Programmes