MAD Leadership Foundation provides tailored investment solutions to corporations to achieve enduring business and social impact through the B-BBEE priority element of Skills Development, Socio-Economic Development and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. 


  • Demonstrates a commitment to address core societal issues of unemployment and economic productivity. 
  • Strengthens social engagement and impact. 
  • Increases the supply of talented and skilled graduates with leadership qualities to meet your business needs. 
  • Achieves B-BBEE points and compliance under the Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development elements. 
  • Our partners are involved in the whole process while they don’t have to spend time on administrative issues – all preparations and legislative  matters are taken care of by MAD Leadership Foundation. 


Under the revised B-BBEE codes, your investment with MAD Leadership Foundation has a greater impact. The revised codes make it possible to contribute up to 6% (up from 3%) of payroll (leviable amount) to either employees or non-employees or a combination of both. Through our scholarship programme, corporate funds split over the economically active population and allocated to bursaries for our scholars (above age 16 through tertiary level) qualify as skills development spend. By contributing to our programme, you can achieve points for category A (bursaries) on the Skills Development priority element. 


MAD Leadership Foundation is a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor. Contributing 1% of your net profit after tax to our organisation will achieve the full score of 5 points for socio-economic development spend. Our programme is aligned with the intent of CSI which is to address the problems of society and make appropriate interventions to achieve and sustain positive social developments. Our programme addresses key educational issues of low matric rates, lack of financial resources and tertiary success of scholars by providing fully-funded scholarships, mentorship and leadership development. Your support is critical in this effort. 


Wilmari du Plessis

Manager: Fund Development and Eventswilmari@madleadership.org066 306 2425

Please get in touch with Wilmari du Plessis to find out how you can make a sustainable difference while enjoying the benefits of compliance.