We’re working to develop the leaders of tomorrow

It is the mission of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation to provide academically talented scholars with exceptional leadership development opportunities through education and mentorship, in order to inspire a better future for South Africa. We do this by offering a comprehensive scholarship programme that focuses on individual support and development.

Our Domains of Change

MAD Leadership Foundation Scholars are able to achieve their full professional and personal potential whilst acting as agents of change in their communities.

The South African Challenge

South Africa is one of the most unequal societies today, with the richest 10% earning 65% of the national income and 90% of the national wealth. The strong historical links between education and the labour market are reflected through the inequities in the education system. Even after the end of Apartheid, patterns in inequality persists. South Africa accurately shows how politics and policy interact to perpetuate systems of inequality between poverty and privilege. Despite obvious progress, the two-tiered education system in South Africa is pervasive that two distinct schooling systems are created (Spaull, 2019: 3-8).

Our Solution: A scholarship programme for social justice and equity in education

Scholarships are important tools for combating inequality, however, whether they work to reduce inequality depends on design and implementation.

We strive towards equity when it comes to educational opportunities in South Africa. Where not only those who can afford a quality education have access to it but also the talented young people who are hindered by limited financial resources and comprehensive support to gain access and success towards good quality education. While this in itself may not ensure equal outcomes, we strive to ensure that every scholar on our programme has an equal opportunity for success. See programmes and services.

Where We Work

We are a national scholarship with scholars in each province. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved.