We want to work with you to invest in South Africa’s future leaders. Each partnership is unique and aligned with each corporation’s goals or CSI initiatives.


You are the examples of what it means to be an active citizen. The MAD Leadership Foundation team cannot thank you enough.



Our long-term financial commitment would not be possible without the extraordinary generosity of our partners, who do so much for MAD Leadership Foundation. We value this support tremendously, as it assists us in growing the number of scholars we can support each year – and therefore allows MAD Leadership Foundation to make an even bigger difference in South Africa, by developing more leaders to be a positive force for change. Thank you for partnering with us to build a better future for South Africa.

We have always believed in the vast potential this beautiful country has. First and foremost we believe that real change will come from strong leaders and that their potential needs to be developed through education and mentorship. Our belief is that creating an alumnus of MAD Leadership Foundation Fellows – who are leaders across many different professions in all walks of life and who are educated, mentored and developed with a strong guiding value system – will make all the difference in South Africa.

The ability to continue growing, in order to develop even more future leaders, has been made possible by our guiding principles, which ensure that our legacy is maintained.

We want to work with you to invest in South Africa’s future leaders. Each partnership is unique and aligned with each corporation’s goals or skills development and CSI initiatives to invest in education and develop talent to its full potential.

MAD Leadership Foundation is a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor, therefore we can help you qualify for socio-economic development and skills development points by donating to our scholarship programme.

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MAD Leadership Foundation provides tailored investment solutions to corporations to achieve enduring business and social impact through the B-BBEE priority element of Skills Development and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives.


  • Demonstrates a commitment to address core societal issues of unemployment and economic productivity.
  • Strengthens social engagement and impact.
  • Increases the supply of talented and skilled graduates with leadership qualities to meet your business needs.
  • Achieves B-BBEE points and compliance under the Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development elements.
  • Our partners are involved in the whole process while they don’t have to spend time on administrative issues – all preparations and logistic arrangements are done by MAD Leadership Foundation.

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Under the revised B-BBEE codes, your investment with MAD Leadership Foundation has a greater impact. The revised codes make it possible to contribute up to 6% (up from 3%) of payroll (leviable amount) to either employees or non-employees or a combination of both. Through our scholarship programme, corporate funds split over the economically active population and allocated to bursaries for our scholars (above age 16 through tertiary level) qualify as skills development spend. By contributing to our programme, you can achieve points for category A (bursaries) on the Skills Development priority element.


MAD Leadership Foundation is a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor. Contributing 1% of your net profit after tax to our organisation will achieve the full score of 5 points for socio-economic development spend. Our programme is aligned with the intent of CSI which is to address the problems of society and make appropriate interventions to achieve and sustain positive social developments. Our programme addresses key educational issues of low matric rates, lack of financial resources and tertiary success of scholars by providing fully-funded scholarships, mentorship and leadership development. Your support is critical in this effort.



  • Benefits of investing include:
    • CSI funding forms part of Social Economic Development Funding
    • Investments are recognised as Skills Development Funding
    • We are a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor
  • Your investment can be tailored towards funding specific scholars in fields that are of interest to your corporates values or focus: we offer specific sourcing where we identify candidates who meet our scholarship criteria, with your added requirements.
  • We develop a well-rounded future employee prepared for the world of work.
  • Please note: donations without terms can be provided with an 18A tax certificate.


  • We operate nationally through recommendations from schools we have a longstanding relationship with, other feeder schools, referrals, as well as through direct applications.
  • We ensure that, through a stringent and holistic application process, we carefully select scholars with academic and leadership potential, who will be able to thrive on our scholarship programme. Read more here about our selection criteria and process.


  • Our scholars are selected after the following selection process is completed:
    • Written applications
    • Psychometric and leadership assessments
    • Final panel interview
    • Orientation function

    Read more here about our selection criteria and process.


  • Once the scholar is selected, we make contact with scholar & parents / guardian.
  • We then arrange for a new academic institution & accommodation if so required, this is assessed on a case by case basis.
  • An orientation session is set up with the parents / guardian & scholar, around the scholarship, commitments, requirements and expectations.
  • An annual celebration function is hosted with other scholars and parents to celebrate our scholars’ hard work and achievements over the year.


  • We ensure that we remove every barrier between potential and success for our scholars. This is achieved by continuously monitoring each scholar’s academic needs and goals to guarantee academic and personal excellence and success for our scholars, this is done through:
    • Tuition funding & all related costs of up-to-standard schooling, boarding costs, travel expenses, extra-curricular activities, uniform, books, stationary & an allowance
    • Extra classes & tutors
    • Subject choice advice
    • Career advice and development
    • Technological devices
    • Continuous monitoring & evaluation of academic results
    • Annual tertiary and school visits


  • We focus on the emotional and physical well-being of our scholars through the collective efforts of our multi-disciplinary Scholar Support Unit:
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Social Worker
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Registered Counsellor
    • Qualified Educators

    We also offer:

    • Administrative support
    • Medical & psychological support
    • Personal development opportunities
    • A strong focus on the individual’s needs


  • At the core of everything we do is developing our scholars to be future leaders. This is achieved through:
    • A leadership development curriculum
    • An Annual Leadership Summit
    • Compulsory community service / volunteer work
    • The core leadership values we instil in all of our scholars
      • Passion with discipline
      • Ambition with hard work
      • Courage with honesty
      • Confidence with humility


  • Our Mentor Programme is an invaluable support programme in the development of our scholars as well-rounded individuals.
    • Through a screening & application process we identify suitable mentors
    • We offer mentor training & manuals
    • We ensure evaluation & assessment for both our mentors & mentees
    • We offer continuous support to mentors


  • Preparing our scholars for the working world is crucial to ensure that once they graduate as Fellows they are ready to be successful employees and leaders in their field.
  • We offer:
    • Aptitude tests & career guidance
    • Tertiary preparation
    • Preparing for the world of work


  • We aim to ensure that as Fellows, our alumni are always a part of the MAD Leadership Foundation family.
  • We encourage and facilitate:
    • A smooth transition into the working world
    • Opportunities for fellows to re-connect
    • Involvement in our mentorship programme
    • Advice to new scholars
    • Continuous participation in MAD Leadership development programmes


  • Our definition of a future leader is:
    • Leaders in their chosen field
    • Where they define the parameters of leadership applicable to their lives
    • Some will fulfil formal leadership roles
    • But all are expected to step forward whenever there is a need to drive positive change

    Read more here about our values and mission.


Since 2013, MAD Leadership Foundation has collaborated with a talented South African artist to create a distinctive piece of art to be used as part of an exclusive series of unique ceramic plates that are collectible items. MAD Leadership Foundation has partnered with Mervyn Gers, an internationally acclaimed ceramicist, to create this bespoke range of hand-made ceramic plates. A limited edition of 300 plates has been made available each year, since 2013.

Hope is the sixth and final MAD Leadership Foundation collaboration of this kind and forms part of an exclusive series of ceramic plates. We encourage you to become a collector of these unique plates.

There are still a limited number plates available and are available on request, please contact

Sam Nhlengethwa

As one of South Africa’s leading “resistance artists” Sam Nhlengethwa has adjusted his art style to reflect the theme of music. Sam was the first Art Patron in 2013 and launched this project with a truly inspiring afternoon with Nickey and Kgomotso to create the iconic musical art piece: Inspiration.

Lionel Smit

Lionel Smit has created grand masterpieces in both paintings and sculptures of the Cape Malay Community. Lionel was the 2014 Art Patron and together with Joe-Dean, James and Mamory created the intriguing collaboration: Dedication.

Richard Scott

Richard Scott’s very distinctive art style is classified as neo-pop art. Richard was the 2015 Art Patron and spent an afternoon with Manuel, Sithe and Lwandiso immersing them in his distinctive style and lifestyle. Together they created: Giving – a energetic reflection of Richard Scott’s unique style.

Shany van den Berg

A strong female role model herself, the concepts regarding different aspects of womanhood remains a constant presence in Shany van den Berg’s artistic practice. Shany was the 2016 Art Patron and together with our first all-women collaboration team: Taymia, Thina, Caylee and Alita, created: Courage. A true Shany-original that reflects the scholars admiration of Shany’s artistic abilities.

Joel Berman

Joel Berman was the MAD Leadership Foundation 2017 Art Patron and worked with three of our scholars: Mariana, Adam and Gugu, to create a passionate and artistic expression.  Together they challenged each other to interpret their creative imagination differently and to forge an innovative way to express and contribute their varying convictions. The artwork is themed Imagination.

Mbongeni Buthelezi

Mbongeni Buthelezi was the MAD Leadership Foundation 2018 Art Patron and worked with four of our scholars: Nickey, Danei, Mashudu and Susana, to create an authentic and Mbongeni-original artistic expression.  During the creative process, the scholars were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the creative experience. They found hope in his story of resilience, persistence, and hard work and were inspired by his tenacity. The artwork is themed Hope.


Estée Lauder Foundation for the Nation

Estée Lauder , a global beauty and cosmetic brand, is changing the future of South Africa, one foundation at a time. In July 2010, the Foundation for the Nation campaign was launched, with a commitment to donate R10 to MAD Leadership Foundation from every Estée Lauder foundation product sold in South Africa in the months of February, April, July and September. The donation sponsors deserving young women to help them start or complete tertiary studies. Since its inception in 2010, Estee Lauder’s Foundation for the Nation campaign has raised a substantial amount of funds, allowing 15 young ladies to benefit from a tertiary qualification.

Momentum 2 Excellence Programme

In 2014, financial services provider Momentum partnered with MAD Leadership Foundation and Cricket South Africa to develop the Momentum 2 Excellence (M2E) bursary programme.

M2E balances cricket talent with academic potential, personal character and financial need. M2E offers successful applicants additional support in the form of practical help, life-skills training and a structured mentorship and leadership programme component. Our shared vision is that by investing in talent, supported by education, we can nurture excellence and make a difference in the outcome of future generations and leaders – both on and off the pitch.

MySchool’s Dream2Teach Scholarship Fund


The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme is one of South Africa’s biggest community programmes. MySchool has partnered with MAD Leadership Foundation to assist with the funding of two scholars studying towards an Education degree through the Dream2Teach Scholarship Fund.

FEM Education Foundation 


FEM Education Foundation NPC – (FEM) Education Foundation was formed in 2016 in an effort to contribute to the education system.

The first initiative is to partner with MAD Leadership Foundation to launch the FEM & MAD Leadership Foundation Scholarship Programme, where scholars were awarded scholarships from 2017 providing comprehensive financial and personal support to assist them through high school and their first tertiary degree.

The Pam Golding Heart of Gold Trust


Dr Andrew Golding, Pam Golding Properties Chief Executive, formed The Heart of Gold Trust in 2014, in partnership with MAD Leadership Foundation.

The Trust aims to invest in the lives of exceptionally talented youth (particularly those with talent in the areas of academia, sport, art, music or culture), but who do not have adequate financial resources, and provide holistic educational opportunities to develop their talent to its full potential. In 2015, the Trust enrolled its first three learners at schools in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng regions.



The Noblesfontein Educational Trust was formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing education to students from local communities which surround the Noblesfontein Wind Farm, including but not limited, to Beaufort West and Victoria West Municipalities.

In 2016 MAD Leadership Foundation partnered with Noblesfontein through Mr Francois Roux, Director of Noblesfontein Wind Energy Project (Pty). 7 talented scholars were identified and accepted onto our scholarship programme sponsored by Noblesfontein Educational Trust.

Meridian Wine Merchants


Meridian Wine Merchants has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with MAD Leadership Foundation through our fundraising events and in 2017 committed to contributing to the long-term scholarship of a learner who is currently in Grade 11.

Nothing makes us happier than contributing in a meaningful way to the advancement and development of deserving people, and we are very proud supporters of the foundation.” 

SAB is a proud member of the ABinBev Family


ABInBev is a multinational beverage and brewing company. The company was enlarged in October 2016 when ABInBev purchased SABMiller and concluded a merger of the two entities. The SAB Scholarship (SAB is a proud member of the ABInBev family), in partnership with MAD Leadership Foundation, funded 16 scholars in 2018 and continues the successful partnership going into 2019. For the next academic year, the scholarship looks to fund scholars studying towards Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronics, Industrial, and Chemical), Agriculture and BSc Food Sciences.



MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

We are registered with the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme. Get your card today or update your current beneficiary as follows:

You can then swipe your MySchool card and raise funds for us at over 1500 partner stores. Remember, every swipe counts.



In 2015 MAD Leadership Foundation partnered with Sage , a specialist business software and services partner, to implement the Sage X3 and Sage CRM business solutions, in order to: streamline our business processes; enhance relationships with stakeholders; and improve access to reporting information. Sage X3 will enable MAD Leadership Foundation to streamline administrative and reporting processes in such a way that it can continue to grow without having to add overhead costs in terms of administrative staff and IT costs.

Sage CRM, meanwhile, will give the organisation the ability to track and manage relationships more efficiently and effectively.

Parity Software

Parity Software is the Sage business partner. Parity Software is a professional service firm that specialises in the development and deployment of affordable, easy-to-implement, scalable solutions. With over 30 years’ experience, Parity Software routinely assists their customers to operate more efficiently in serving their own customers more completely – providing the expertise and insight necessary to leverage the opportunities presented in our diverse environment.

Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions, a telecoms service provider to public and private sector organisations and a division of Dimension Data, sponsors MAD Leadership Foundation’s server hosting of Sage X3 and Sage CRM. Today, Internet Solutions is at the forefront of internet protocol-based technologies.


Greymatter & Finch

Greymatter & Finch (GMF) has been MAD Leadership Foundation’s annual report partner since 2015. GMF is a stakeholder communications company that specialises in financial and integrated reporting for public and listed companies, with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg. In 2016, GMF generously committed to the development of our 2015 annual report again.

RSA Litho

RSA Litho has been MAD Leadership Foundation’s annual report partner since 2015. With the latest and best technology in place, any print job is possible at RSA Litho.


Papercor has been MAD Leadership Foundation’s annual report partner since 2015. Papercor is a paper merchant that offers a complete range of merchant products and services to the South African printing industry.


City Lodge Hotel Group

The City Lodge Hotel Group has been MAD Leadership Foundation’s accommodation partner since 2014, providing 100 night-stays a year to MAD Leadership Foundation staff and scholars. The City Lodge Hotel Group (including: Courtyard Hotel, City Lodge Hotel, Town Lodge, Road Lodge and Fairview Hotel) is a provider of quality hotel accommodation and related services in sub-Saharan Africa. The group is also strongly committed to training and skills development, aligning their efforts closely with many of the aims of MAD Leadership Foundation. Through its wide-ranging transformation and corporate social investment initiatives, the City Lodge Hotel Group strives to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate South Africans through its on-going “I’m Kind” service excellence programme.

Cape Executive Parking

Cape Executive Parking has been MAD Leadership Foundation’s travel partner since 2014, sponsoring a days parking for each day traveled by our staff at Cape Town International Airport.


TCD Outcomes Research

TCD Outcomes Research is a full service, outcomes research company serving healthcare companies globally and forms part of the TCD group. They specialise in late phase health outcomes research by studying the real-world value of healthcare solutions and its economic and financial impact.

As part of their “Bearing Fruits” CSI initiative, TCD Outcomes Research chose to partner with MAD Leadership Foundation to help bring about change in the lives of young South Africans. This partnership includes a monetary donation to pledge their commitment, along with collecting and donating items needed throughout the year and taking part in the mentorship programme to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.